Maldives asks Malaysia to lift suspension on driving license

Maldives is seeking a mutual bilateral agreement with Malaysia aimed at sidestepping the the current ban on foreign driving licenses.

Malaysia in January ceased accepting internationally-issued driving licenses in order to restructure the guidelines of the Ministry. The ban is not specific to Maldives, but applicable on all licenses issued outside of Malaysia and Singapore.

Maldives transport minister Aishath Nahula who is currently on an official visit to Malaysia met with her counterpart Loke Siew Fook where they discussed a mutual recognition agreement.

Details of the agreement were not immediately clear but according to the Maldives transport ministry the agreement would ultimately again allow Maldivians residing in Malaysia to convert their local drivers licence to a Malaysian driving license.

Before the ban, Maldivians could convert their local drivers licence to drive in Malaysia with a letter from the Maldives in embassy Kuala Lumpur.