Residents of six homes relocated from temporary shelter

Residents of six households that were evacuated during the fire which occurred earlier this month on Henveiru Abadhah Fehi Magu have been moved back into their residences.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Sunday said the people were allowed to go back to their homes after it was confirmed that the homes were safe for occupancy during assessment. The homes are H. Emotion, H. Holhukosheege, H. Fehi Aabaadhu, H. Jeemaa, H. Sofage, and H. Rasmaadhooge.

While the buildings did not receive extensive damage during the fire, Chief Executive of NDMA Hisaan Hassan said the residents of the buildings were temporarily relocated to shelters as a safety precaution while the buildings that burnt down in the fire were being cleared.

199 people of 34 families from nine homes are currently at NDMA's temporary shelters. NDMA has arranged their accommodation and food.

400 people were affected in the fire that originated in a chemical warehouse in capital Male'. While the life of one was lost, several buildings were destroyed in the fire, causing innumerable loss. The cause of the fire still remains unknown, and authorities are further investigating the fire.