Construction of STELCO's new transformer station begins

The construction of a transformer station to connect Male' and reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale' through one electricity network has commenced.

The project was inaugurated by Managing Director of STELCO Ahmed Mughuny. The building is being constructed on STELCO grounds.

Mughuny said the efforts being undertaken to link Male' and Hulhumale' under one electricity network via the Sinamale' Bridge are currently ongoing at Hulhumale'.

"We are working on the transformer at Hulhumale'. After the work is concluded, the electricity issues faced in Male' city will be resolved, and will become safer. It will resolve the issue of interrupted power supply in the Greater Male' area", said Mughuny.

Mughuny said the work is expected to be completed during the next year.

"We will be utilizing the transformers to carry the power from the recently established 50-megawatt power plant in Hulhumale'", he said.

MD Mughuny further said two 50 megawatt transformers will be installed at the transformer station being established in Male'.

"This means over 100 megawatts of current can be carried between Male' and Hulhumale'", explained Mughuny.

The project to link Hulhumale' and Male' via one electricity network was initiated by former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyom. The project was awarded to China's Dongfang Electric International Cooperation for MVR 567 million. Under the project, high voltage cables of 142 kilowatts will be laid from the 50 megawatt power plant to Male' along Sinamale' Bridge.

The 5th power project undertaken by STELCO in Hulhumale is divided into three phases. Six 8.9 megawatt generators, a fuel farm and a water desalination facility will be established under the MVR 1.2 billion project.

STELCO's most recent financial statistics show the state owned utility company has invested over MVR 1 billion on different projects.