Housing units to be provided for 20,000 families within four years

The provision of housing units for 20,000 families has been included in the government's five-year Strategic Action Plan (SAP).

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Wednesday unveiled the action plan, which has been published on the President's Office website.

According to the plan, 20,000 housing units will be constructed and ready for occupancy by the end of year 2023.

The plan states that providing affordable housing is an important pledge of the government, and emphasizes the need for an immediate solution to housing issues faced by the country in order to tackle the numerous social issues that has arisen due to lack of affordable housing.

Certain concerns in regard to the housing plan are also highlighted in the plan, such as the need to provide housing for a large number of people, congestion, the high cost of construction, lack of financing and the lack of a legal framework on the provision of housing units.

The SAP outlines plans to find solutions for these concerns by the construction and provision of increased housing units, the provision of social housing through amendment of laws and relevant policies, and ensuring the availability of financing options for home construction at low rates, and resolving housing issues through a decentralized system.

The plan further entails that the National Affordable Housing Loan Scheme will issue at least MVR 1 billion in loans by the end 2023.

The action plan also targets to provide housing units for families relocated to various islands by the state by end of 2021. While there are still residents of other islands relocated to Nolhivaranfaru who are without permanent housing, the government aims to provide housing for such citizens, as well as those who lost their homes in the 2004 tsunami disaster by the end of next year.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has previously revealed plans to construct 4,200 flats in Hulhumale'. While the project is expected to commence this November, the rent of the flats was revealed to be set at MVR 6,000.

The president has also revealed that 5,000 housing units will be established in the atoll. While the practical work of the project is yet to commence, the president has stated that the implementation of the project would begin soon.

Additionally, as per the vows made during the presidential campaign, the government will assess those citizens who are unable to pay for their flats, and provide government subsidies for such citizens.