Michal Kapral breaks joggling world record in Maldives

The World Record for Joggling has been accomplished in Maldives by Canadian joggler Michal Kapral.

The record was attempted and achieved at TFG's 'Run In Addu' event in Addu City on Friday.

Kapral set the Guinness world record for the fastest 10-kilometer joggling run without a drop using four balls, and with a record time of 55 minute and 48 seconds.

Although the record was previously held by Kapral, it was achieved while joggling three balls.

Kapral currently holds the record of climbing 600 stairs while joggling. During his current visit to the Maldives, he will be attempting to climb 3000 stairs in one hour while joggling.

Joggling is a competitive sport that combines juggling with jogging. The records being attempted by Kapral are part of World Tourism Day celebrations in Maldives. The word record attempts are an exposure of Maldives to Canadian markets.