Foreign ministry discusses Foreign Service Bill

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdulla Shahid on Saturday discussed the Foreign Service bill with senior officials of the ministry.

The bill is part of the government's Strategic Action Plan (SAP), which outlines the administration’s developmental targets and priorities for the next five years from 2019 – 2023.

Foreign Ministry said the bill was extensively discussed during the meeting, and officials offered their insight and opinion on the existing bill and recommended amendments.

The government has previously stated that the purpose of making a law on Foreign Services and establishing Foreign Services as a separate government service was to offer excellence and professionalism in Foreign Services and to ensure those working in the sector are capable and trained professionals.

It also aims to promote the country’s interests in the international arena and ensuring the continuity of bilateral relations, and promoting regional security.

Former Foreign Minister, Fathuhulla Jameel initiated efforts to establish a professional foreign service in the year 1990. Several of his successors followed his example and attempted to enact laws on a professional foreign service over the years.