Defense Minister visits Addu City to assess flood damage

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has traveled to Addu City to assess the condition of Addu City following severe flooding due to heavy rain.

Minister Mariya flew to Addu on Sunday, and visited the homes affected by the flood and met the families residing in the homes.

The minister also met with Addu City Mayor and clarified the damages caused by the flood.

Addu City Council earlier said the continuous rain has disrupted daily life, with many workplaces closed due to flooding. Several families have evacuated their homes and relocated to other shelters as their homes are no longer fit to be occupied.

National Disaster Management Authority said 146 homes were affected by the floods in Addu City. This includes 50 homes from Hithadhoo, 4 from Maradhoo, 12 from Maradhoo Feydhoo, 43 from Feydhoo, 10 from Hulhudhoo and 27 from Meedhoo.

While 9 homes have been evacuated, City Council revealed that five out of the nine homes were in Hithadhoo, which suffered the most damage.