Onion export to Maldives resumed; issues resolved - Indian Embassy

India has confirmed that the import of onion to Maldives has been resumed as usual after a halt in export from India due to operational issues.

Indian Embassy released a statement on Sunday which said that the price of onions were dramatically raised in the markets due to a halt in imports resulting from an operational issue. However, it has now been resolved and the exports to Maldives have been resumed, said the embassy.

It has been reported that although India provided the agreed amount of onion to Maldivian suppliers, the stock could not be loaded to cargo ships for transportation due to a 'miscommunication'. While onion could not be loaded to ships at the Tuticorin harbor due to the issue, some suppliers loaded onion from other ports to step around the issue.

"The issue was resolved on October 10th," said the embassy.

Indian embassy said severe weather conditions have destroyed a large number of onion fields in the country, which subsequently affected exports. However, onion will be provided to Maldives under the special agreement between both countries, said the Embassy.

India banned onion exports after extended monsoon downpours delayed harvests and supplies declined. This resulted in a significant hike in onion prices in the Maldives, with a sack retailing for MVR 800.