Employees of Housing Ministry submit complaint to Minister

Employees of Ministry of Housing has submitted complaints to Minister Aminath Athifa regarding unsuitable working environment.

A letter addressed to the Minister highlighted several issues that the ministry's employees were facing in their workplace, and claimed that political appointees at the ministry and other senior officials were harassing the ministry's civil servants to the point that they were unable to carry out their responsibilities.

The letter also alleged that some officials frequently spoke to employees using abusive and derogatory language, and unnecessarily rebuked and reprimanded them. It further claimed that the employees were made to carry out tasks that were outside of policies and regulations.

"Contrary to political appointees from the previous administration, the current political personnel do not do any work and continue to obstruct the wok of civil servants", read the letter.

The letter warned the minister that illegal activities were being carried out by some senior officials of the ministry, and said such activities may ultimately be blamed on the minister, tarnishing the ministry's good name. The employees requested the Minister to investigate the complaints and take action to resolve the issues.

"If the matter is not resolved quickly, it is likely that the hard working staff at the ministry would resign and leave", said the letter.

Speaking on the letter, Deputy Minister Ali Shamin said the letter received by the ministry was not signed.

"When we attempted to contact the number written on the letter to inquire further information, it was not reachable. We have not received any complaints from the staff", said Shamin.

While the authenticity of the letter is being questioned, the Ministry is investigating the claims and are inquiring if the ministry's employees have any complaints.