Parliament committee approves to appoint Aslam as cabinet minister

The Parliament's Government Oversight Committee has approved to appoint Mohamed Aslam as Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih appointed Aslam as the Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure earlier this month after dissolving the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and merging its mandate with that of the Planning Ministry. Mohamed Aslam was already a serving Cabinet Member, holding the portfolio of Minister of National Planning and Infrastructure prior to the recent reorganization of the government.

According to the Maldives constitution, any cabinet appointment made by the president must be approved by the parliament. While the committee evaluating the appointment has approved Aslam's appointment, a debate will follow on the parliament floor after which a vote will be taken among the parliament members. The motion must receive the majority of votes for the appointment to be formally approved.

The president used the executive authority vested upon him by Article 115 of the Maldives' Constitution to dissolve the housing ministry and effect an administrative reorganization of the government after Housing Minister Aminath Athifa Shakoor resigned from the post earlier this month due to her current medical condition.