Minimum internet speed to be determined by ministry

Communication and Science and Technology Minister Mohamed Maleeh has announced that a minimum internet speed will be established after a broadband policy is structured.

Answering inquiries of the Parliament's National Development and Heritage Committee on Wednesday, Minister Maleeh assured that the government will enhance internet services and decrease internet prices.

Minister Maleeh said action will be taken against those who provide poor services.

Maleeh stated that the Ministry has commenced efforts to structure a broadband policy, under which a minimum internet speed will be determined and established, as well as allowing data packages topped up the previous month to be used the next month.

'It is a concern of the public that the Top-up data allowance is not transferred to the next month. Under the policy, this will be made possible. A minimum internet speed will be established, and major changes will be brought to the broadband services", Maleeh said.

While the minimum speed has not yet been determined, State Minister Ahmed Afzal said the minimum speed is 30 Mbps in developed countries across the globe. The minimum speed in Maldives will be close to the same speed, said Afzal.

Noting that the services provided by the three licensed internet service providers in Maldives are of good standard, Minister Maleeh said if increasing competitiveness by introducing new companies is necessary to advance the sector, the government will do what is necessary.

"Dhiraagu, Ooredoo and ROL services are good, however President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih intends to make services more competitive by giving opportunities [to other companies] in order to benefit the citizens", said the minister.