Media team from Australia arrives to promote Maldives

A team of journalists from Australia has arrived in Maldives to promote the archipelago as an attractive tourist destination.

State tourism promotion company, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) said the team arrived in Maldives on their invitation on Sunday. The purpose of the trip is to create awareness of destination Maldives in Australia, reach a wider audience, feature the products of Maldives and highlight on Maldives’ sustainable tourism initiatives, said MMPRC.

This is the 15th group to arrive in the Maldives as part of a series of familiarization trips organized by MMPRC. The aim of these trips is to further increase the exposure for the destination in the international markets, said MMPRC.

The team is comprised of writers from well-renowned publications such as Escape, West Australian, Marie Claire, WHO Magazine and Traveller. Their experiences would be featured as articles and photographs in their respective publications in Australia.

The team will be staying with Secret Paradise, on vessels provided by Yacht Maldives and at Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa. The team would experience the different styles of products that are available in the Maldives, ranging from guesthouses in the local islands and resorts to life on the ocean aboard liveaboards from 20 - 26 October, said MMPRC.

Australia remains among the top 10 source markets for the Maldives. The number of arrivals was recorded as 26,496 from January to August 2019 which is a 10.7% increase from the same period of 2018. MMPRC hopes to reach wider audiences in these markets to promote the Maldives through the familiarization trips.