India to continue onion export to Maldives amid shortage

Indian Embassy in Maldives on Sunday stated that India will continue to export onions to Maldives despite the onion shortage faced by India.

Onion prices have spiraled in India after onion fields in the country were destroyed due to severe weather. While India will be importing 100,000 tons of onion from other countries to meet severe shortages, India will ensure that Maldives receives sufficient supply of onions.

Onion is mostly imported to Maldives from India.

Last October, Maldives faced a shortage of onion due to an operational error that occurred in India, due to which onion could not be loaded to cargo ships at port. At the time, onion pries had spiked dramatically.

An agreement exists between Maldives and India on importing onion from India. Under the agreement even if India stops exporting onion to Maldives, India will provide onion to the Maldives under special arrangements.