Concern over deaths of three babies at state-run IGMH

Concerns have been raised after three new-born babies died at state-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) on Friday.

Speaking to AVAS, a media official from the hospital confirmed that one newborn baby died in the labor room on Friday morning while two additional babies died later the same night.

According to trending posts on social media, the machines in the labour room were not functioning properly at the time of the incidents. Commenters on the posts noted that the services offered by the hospital were poor, and heavily criticized the hospital's management.

However, the media official on Saturday said the machines in the labour room were working properly. The hospital is probing the deaths of the three babies, and necessary action will be taken, the official assured.

While three newborns died on Friday, over twenty newborn babies have died in IGMH over the past three months. Eight babies have passed away at the hospital thus far this month.

The public has been complaining regarding the poor services of the hospital for a long time. While changes brought under Former President Abdulla Yameen's administration improved services at the hospital, the number of newborns passing away during labour has increased recently. Several people have been expressing their concerns on social media.