Speedboat accident: Two in ER, one on ventilator support

Three people injured in the deadly speed boat accident in Gaaf Alif Villingili on Saturday have been transported to Male' City for further emergency treatment.

The "Nemo" speedboat, which traveled to Ga. Villingili on Saturday night with five passengers, crashed onto the island's channel while entering the island's harbor. Two passengers were thrown off the boat and had already died by the time they were rescued. The victims were Misbah Abdul Muhsin from Ga. Villingili, and Ahmed Shafiu from N. Landhoo. Misbah was the owner of the boat.

The remaining three passengers were in serious condition when they were taken to Villingili Hospital. They were then transported to Male' City for additional treatment with the assistance of the Maldives National Defense Force.

State-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) 's Media Officer Hawwa Afeefa said two out of the three patients brought from Villingili were being treated in the hospital's Emergency Room. She said that the third person is on ventilator support and will be changed to the Intensive Care Unit.

The man on ventilator support is the deceased victim, Misbah's younger brother, Ishaq Abdul Muhsin.