MVR 1.2 billion received as resort rent

Finance Ministry has stated that MVR 1.2 billion has been received as rent from resorts by November 14 this year.

Weekly Fiscal Development report published by the Finance Ministry shows while MVR 1.8 billion is expected to be received as resort rent for the year, MVR 1.2 billion has been received thus far.

According to the report, MVR 4 billion has been received as revenue from the tourism sector. While MVR 716 million from this amount was received as Green Tax, the current year's budget estimated a total revenue of MVR 5 billion from the tourism sector for the year.

The report shows 533 guest houses, 155 resorts and 12 hotels were in operation by September this year. While the total number of tourist beds available at the facilities reach 46,500, 19 new resorts were opened this year.