Aslam officially rejects results of MDP leadership election

Hithadhoo Uthuru MP Mohamed Aslam, who contested for Vice Presidency of main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in its leadership election held Friday has announced that he does not accept the results of the election.

Raising questions regarding the election, Aslam has officially submitted 11 concerns to the party. However, MDP has announced the interim results of the election despite Aslam's complaint.

Aslam contested against Mohamed Shifaz, who was seeking a second term as Vice President. Shifaz won the election by a large margin, receiving 13,815 votes while Aslam received 10,840 votes.

Following the election, Aslam's campaign team raised questions on the result of the election. However, Aslam did not make a comment until Sunday.

While Aslam has now informed the party Secretariat that he does not accept the result, he brought his concerns to the attention of the party. Aslam said the details of the issues cannot be disclosed at the time.

"However, I will publicize by concerns when the time is right,'' said Aslam.

Both Aslam and Shifaz ran strong campaigns ahead of the election. While most parliamentarians and loyal supporters of Nasheed backed Aslam, senior government officials and those supporting President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih backed Shifaz.

87,439 people were eligible to vote in Friday's election. The interim results reveal 25,102 people voted in the election.

Former president and Speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed contested for a second term as MDP President in Friday's election. While only Nasheed ran for presidency, 24,202 people voted in favour of Nasheed and 421 voted against him.