Ghanee's dismissal motion forwarded to committee

The parliament has forwarded Supreme Court justice Abdul Ghanee Mohamed's dismissal motion to the Judiciary Committee for review.

Speaking at Wednesday's parliament sitting, former President and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed announced that the case was being forwarded to the Judiciary Committee.

In order to remove a judge from his post, the issue is first presented to the parliament floor. It is then forwarded to the Judiciary Committee for review, after which the issue will once again be presented to the parliament floor and debated after the judiciary committee presents their report. A judge can be dismissed only if majority of parliament members taking part in the vote are in favour of dismissing the judge.

If Judge Ghanee is dismissed, all Supreme Court justices who were on the bench when the new government began administration would have been removed. Speaker Nasheed said even if there is a complete change in the bench, he does not believe the judiciary will be reformed just yet. Nasheed noted the need to closely monitor and further enhance the judicial system.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) moved to suspend Justice Abdul Ghanee Mohamed and pursue his dismissal last Wednesday.The judge was suspended for a period of 60 days before the commission's decision to pursue his dismissal was announced.

The judge was being investigated over unlawful decisions made by the Supreme Court. JSC said the judge had presented himself to the commission for investigation.

Three Judges have been dismissed since the current government began administration in November 2018. Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi and Judge Adam Mohamed have been dismissed from their post as well as Justice Abdulla Didi.