Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes commences surveying

Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes has announced that it would begin surveying to analyse and verify the living conditions of applicants who applied for housing under the 'Hiyaa' project.

The "Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes" was convened by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in his efforts to investigate all issues related to previous housing projects of the government including the “Hiyaa” project, “Gedhoruveri kurun” project and “Gulhifalhu Housing Project”.

The committee in an announcement published on the gazette said that it would commence the survey visits on 2nd December 2019 to assess the living conditions of applicants. It noted that some applicants were previously presented award letters in contravention to due procedure.

According to the committee, the applicants would receive a call from 3010718 informing them of a scheduled visit before the survey. The survey would be carried out between 1000 hrs and 1800 hrs by a two-member team; and the surveyors would carry a stamped identification issued from the President’s Office.

The committee informed that the surveyors would address three areas during their survey visits; income of the applicant; income of the household; and living conditions.

The committee had previously shared the issues noticed in conducting their investigation, noting that the related documents not been filed properly.

While 25,244 application forms and its supporting documents have now been organized and filed by the committee, the committee has noted that no guidelines were followed in awarding marks for the applicants for social housing.