President appoints member to Judicial Services Commission

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday appointed Ali Sameer to the Judicial Service Commission as a member representing the high court at the Judicial Service Commission.

President Solih presented the letter of appointment Ali Sameer at a ceremony held Thursday morning at the President’s Office, following which the newly appointed member took his oath of office in front of Supreme Court Justice Aisha Shujune Muhammad.

Judge Ali Sameer was nominated for the post by the High Court after a vote was taken among the court's judges. The High Court and Supreme Court representatives who sit on JSC are chosen through a vote taken among the judges of the respective courts.

A seat on JSC became vacant when High Court Judge Abdul Rauf Ibrahim resigned from the commission. He resigned from the post when President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih nominated him for Supreme Court judgeship, and forwarded his name to the JSC.

However, JSC has not made a decision regarding appointing Rauf to the Supreme Court as the commission is investigating a complaint filed at the commission regarding the judge.

Judge Sameer was formerly the Chief Judge of the Civil Court. He has also filled in as the Interim Chief of the High Court. Judge Sameer studied Shariah and law at Egypt's Al-Azhar University, and holds a Masters degree in comparative law from Malaysia's International Islamic University.

The 10-member Judicial Service Commission consist of the Speaker of the People’s Majlis, a Judge of the Supreme Court, a Judge of the High Court, a Judge of the Lower Courts, a member of the People’s Majlis, a member of the general public, the President of the Civil Service Commission, a person appointed by the President, the Attorney General, and a lawyer elected from among the lawyers licensed to practice in the Maldives.