Six seats reserved on Male' City Council for women

Elections Commission has revealed that six seats on Male' City Council will be reserved for women with the new amendments to the Decentralization Act that require one third of any council to be occupied by women.

Commissioner of Elections, Ahmed Shareef on Saturday revealed the details of how seats will be allocated to councils for the local council election.

Shareef said Male' City will be divided into 18 districts under the recent amendments, and that the Male' City Council will have 19 councillors including the Mayor. 18 members will be on the committee working towards development of women, said Shareef.

While Addu City will have 13 councillors including the mayor, 10 members will be in the women development committee. Fuvahmulah City will have 7 city council members, and 6 women development committee members, said Shareef.

Six seats are reserved for women on Male' City Council, and four on Addu City Council and three from Fuvahmulah City Council.

The Local Council Election is slated for April 4 next year. The Elections Commission is preparing for the election with the recent amendments brought to the Decentralization Act.

During Thursday's parliament sitting, a bill on amendment to the Decentralization Act was passed, that increased the term of local councils from three to five years, and requires at least five councillors to be appointed to each council. The amendment also empowered councils financially.