Nasheed speaks on the 2023 presidential election

Parliament Speaker Nasheed has stated that it is still early to deliberate the subject of the Presidential Elections 2023, but that he would accommodate any agreement arrived between President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and himself.

Nasheed went live Saturday night on 'Ask Speaker' program organized by the parliament, where the public was given the opportunity to ask questions from Nasheed and interact with him.

Several people of the public questioned Nasheed on whether he would support President Solih in contending for a second term as president or whether he would himself run for presidency during the 2023 elections.

In response, Nasheed stated that he has never supported a presidential system of governance at any point. He further stated that he currently has much to do alongside the President and that participating in the elections is not something he has yet pondered over.

"I have not yet thought about the upcoming Presidential Elections. I think that the work I have to do right now is more important. We have been doing a lot alongside President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, and I believe that we will do more in the days to come," Nasheed said.

When questioned on whether he supported President Solih, Nasheed replied that he had always supported him, adding that the President supports Nasheed as well. As such, he said that they would accommodate whatever they agree upon regarding the elections.

"The question is which one of us will compete in the Presidential Elections, and how will we work together. We will certainly comply to an agreement we reach together. I have no doubt about that in my heart," said Nasheed.

When questioned on whether he would initiate efforts to change the government system to a parliamentary system, Speaker Nasheed said that he has always supported the parliamentary system of government.

However, he said that the system that the country follows should be determined by the Maldivian people and that he would only work towards it if the entirety of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) agrees to the prospect.

Speaker Nasheed was the only member of MDP to contend in the party primaries to choose a presidential candidate for the 2018 presidential elections. However, stifled by his jail conviction, Nasheed was not given the opportunity to contest in the election.

Upon this, MDP's congress concluded that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih would contest in the election on behalf of the party. However, Solih was given the party ticket on condition that he withdraws his name if Nasheed is allowed the opportunity to contest for presidency.

There has been recent speculation of competition between President Solih and Speaker Nasheed. However, top members of MDP have denied these rumors. The President has also affirmed that he has no problems with Nasheed.