Male' City Council develops tourist rest stop at Fisherman's Park

Male' City Council is developing 'Fisherman's Park' in capital Male' as a rest stop targeted for tourists visiting Male'.

The newly constructed building at the Fisherman's Park has been outfitted with public toilets to cater to tourists.

Speaking to AVAS, Mayor Shifa Mohamed said the building has a waiting area as well as an information booth.

"This place is specially for tourists, most importantly, tourists who disembark from cruise liners docking at Male'. When the park is opened, it will be accessible only to tourists. With this change, motorcycles can no longer be parked in this area," said Mayor Shifa.

The building has eight restrooms, including an accessible toilet designed to accommodate people with disabilities.

The mayor said the city council does not intend to construct a restaurant on the site, and that the location is intended to be used as a rest area. However, plans may change after reviewing the response to the building, said the mayor.

Mayor Shifa said the city council sought the consultation of parties operating cruise liners in Maldives in constructing the park,

"We discussed the plans with cruise liner operators and some tour operators," said Shifa.

The construction Fisherman's Park was contracted to Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) by Male City Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure.