Additional member resigns from death commission

An additional member of the presidential Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances has resigned from the commission.

Spokesperson of the President's Office, Ibrahim Hood confirmed to AVAS that commission member Adam Mohamed resigned from the commission on December 8.

The former chairman of the commission, Husnu-al-Suood also recently resigned from the commission after the parliament approved to appoint him to the Supreme Court. Three members currently remain on the five-member commission. They are Misbah Abbas, Fareesha Abdulla and Ahmed Nashid.

Spokesperson Hood revealed that the president is working to appoint new members to the commission.

The President established the Commission on Investigation of Murder and Enforced Disappearances, in an effort to carry out the State’s responsibilities in ensuring justice for all, by conducting independent investigations for unresolved cases as per his presidential pledge.