Asset declarations of heads of government to be publicized soon

The Spokesperson of the President's Office, Ibrahim Hood has revealed that the asset declarations of political appointees for the past year will be made public early next year.

Hood made the announcement in response to a tweet published by a citizen reminding the ruling government of its pledge to publicize the financial statements of all political appointees once a year.

Hood said the asset declarations of the cabinet ministers and political appointees will be made public before the end of the first quarter of 2020.

The administration initiated the declaration of assets of all political appointees and board members of State Companies as part of its first 100 day pledges.

The asset declarations of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Vice President Faisal Naseem and cabinet ministers were made public on January 9 this year.

While the statements have been published on the official website of the President's Office, this is the first time the details of assets owned by senior government officials have been publicized.

The President's Office said President Solih prioritized governing the country well while eradicating corruption. It was a presidential pledge of President Solih to initiate the declaration of assets of those heading government entities and state-owned enterprises, and periodically reviewing the information.