Death threats made against High Court judge; man arrested

Maldives High Court has revealed that death threats were made against their Chief Judge, Sujau Usman.

High Court on Friday said the judge was threatened while he was at a coffee house in Maafushi with the tourism island's Magistrate. A man had attempted to attack the judge, and made death threats against him, said the court.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) is currently investigating the threats made against the judge, after the court informed the police of the incident via a letter. The 50-year old individual who made the threats has now been arrested from Maafushi island under a court order.

In a statement released Saturday, the High Court condemned the threat made against its Chief Judge, and said such actions intending harm are 'not acceptable'.

The court said the action is a criminal offence, and appealed to the Maldives Police Service and relevant bodies to ensure action against the offender.