Ideal place to welcome 2020: Marina at Crossroads Maldives

There are not many places to enjoy with groups in the Male’. However, there is a solution to this now. That is Crossroads on Enboodhoo lagoon which is quite near to Male’. There are facilities established in the Crossroads to enjoy with family and friends. Meanwhile, preparing for the “Eve of 2020” Marina Maldives at Croassroads is well prepared to welcome the new year.

A countdown has been started in the name of The Marina Maldives 2020. The marina will be lit with several colourful lights in a unique style for the first time in the Maldives, in a special event that will run from 21 of this month until 12 January 2020. Besides, there will be various musical activities.

There will be several promotional activities that will offer gifts and unusual surprise gifts will be offered to those who visit Crossroads when the event is ongoing,

There are restaurants with a variety of cuisines including world-famous franchise brands such as the Hardrock.