Complaint filed against ex-Chief Justice at JSC

A disciplinary complaint against former Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz has been submitted at the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

While an issue involving Faiz has been lodged at the commission, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih recently nominated to appoint him as a Supreme Court justice.

The complaint filed at the commission outlined six issues, including the formation of the Judicial Council and removing the Department of Judicial Administration from under the jurisdiction of the Judicial Service Commission. The complaint also referred to two suo moto cases overseen by the Supreme Court against former Commissioner of Elections Fuwad Thawfeek, and the Human Rights Commission.

The complaint stated that Faiz was the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court at the time of the events, and therefore, he must be investigated for the acts.

The disciplinary complaint further said as such issues were considered grounds to dismiss other Supreme Court justices, it must also be taken into consideration before the JSC makes a recommendation on appointing Faiz back to the Supreme Court.

Former Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi and Judge Adam Mohamed were recently dismissed through a parliament vote over the same issues, as they had been involved in making the decisions. JSC had concluded that the decisions were made unlawfully, and violated the constitution.

Following the submission of the complaint, the JSC on Tuesday decided to hold off making a recommendation on appointing Faiz until the matter is investigated further.