MVR 8.2 million as aid to victims' of fire incident

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said that MVR 8.2 million had been incurred as an aid to the victims of the massive fire incident that occurred in Abadhahfehi Magu during September.

As per NDMA, there are 29 people of 7 households in temporary shelters even now. Among those, people of 6 households are kept in Gaakoshi apartments. The people of the most affected household, H.Kalhuhura are living in Wayside and the government has paid three months’ rent for them and has given them notice to get an apartment for rent as soon as possible.

The government has been making arrangements for those 7 household people who are living in temporary shelters, including their basic needs for the past three months such as food. A total of MVR 508,600 has been incurred for such expenses. It has been decided to pay their electricity bills as well.

NDMA has said that it has been decided how much the government will pay as an aid to the affected families in line with their criteria and guidelines. They have requested the Ministry of Finance to transfer the funds, said NDMA.

The government has decided to provide MVR 7.8 million as an aid to the victims of the fire incident. That is almost 88% of the losses incurred by the affected families. With this amount and the other figures, it totals up to MVR 8.2 million.

Out of the above mentioned 8.2 million, MVR 5.3 million is what the government has decided to pay as per NDMA’s criteria and guidelines. The balance MVR 2.5 million is the aid provided by the well-wishers or the general public.
There is a balance of MVR 36,000 in the relief account opened for the general public to transfer funds as an aid to the affected families. It will be used to pay the bills incurred for arranging aid to the families, said NDMA.

The NDMA has said that they have been providing information on the expenses incurred to the families affected. There were 786 people affected and one died in the massive fire incident that occurred on 20th September.