'93% of targets for the year achieved'

93% of the targets allocated for the current year by Maldives Immigration have been achieved, Immigration Controller Ahmed Hussain (Hanafee) said on Monday.

Speaking at a ceremony held to mark the success, Controller Hanafee said the year has been fruitful for the authority, with several goals set for the year achieved.

This includes making arrangements for the application of passport via email and online payment, in addition to the publication of the authority's statistics.

Furthermore, the issuance of business visas from Gan International Airport in southernmost Addu City, and arrangements of entry for expatriates arriving in the country for the first time are among other achievements attained by the authority, said Hanafee. Additionally, 27 cases of human trafficking were sent for investigation within the year, and a branch of Immigration was opened in Ha. Atoll under decentralization efforts, he said.

Highlighting additional achievements, Hanafee said a document examination lab was established at Gan International Airport to strengthen border security, and a border control mobile system was established to issue sea port clearance. N-route clearance services were also commenced, and work visa services were made available online during the current year, said the controller, in addition to the establishment of a call centre for streamlined communication, and commencement of a service where application and receiving of the passport can be arranged via island councils.