'No development despite available resources show incapability'

Maavashu MP and Vice President of opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Mohamed Saeed has stated that the incapability of the current government is evident from their failure to implement development projects in the Maldives despite having the necessary resources.

Speaking at a campaign rally organized by the PPM-PNC coalition in Maavah on Monday, MP Saeed said although officials of the current administration are unable to accept the fact that former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom holds the record for the development of the archipelago, there is nothing that they can do. While the current government has the necessary resources required to carry out development projects available, they are unaware and incapable of utilizing the resources for the benefit of the country, said Saeed.

Assuring that the opposition leader Yameen who is recently jailed for money laundering remains committed and steadfast in his resolve, Saeed said his dedication is linked to the trust the party members have in the party leadership, and the resolve of the members.

He further expressed his confidence that President Yameen will be listed as a presidential candidate in the ballots for the 2023 presidential election.