'Country was enslaved in different ways in 2019'

Former economic minister and current Maavah MP Mohamed Saeed has stated that the Maldives was enslaved in several different ways during the past year.

In a tweet posted Wednesday, the former minister said the country was enslaved economically and socially, and the archipelago lost direction of its development during 2019.

"I pray for happiness and prosperity with the grace of Allah for every citizen and family in 2020," said Saeed in his tweet.

Despite the opposition's claims that 2019 had been a harrowing year for the country, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih described the last year as a successful and prosperous year for the citizens of Maldives.

In his message to the Maldivian people on the occasion of the New Year 2020, President Solih recalled the Administration’s success in delivering its pledge of creating a positive and socially cohesive atmosphere and promoting peace and harmony.

In this regard, President Solih stated that 2019 had been a year in which the Administration triumphed in its efforts towards moderating political discord, revitalising efforts to mend individual and brotherly bonds, fostering international relations and welcoming unity, economic progress and stability.

Ascertaining the Administration’s commitment to delivering the people’s aspirations for a better future, the President affirmed that it would continue in its efforts to provide dignified lives, financial stability, social justice and equitable prosperity for all.