Years later Usfasgadu opened for public

“Usfasgadu” that is located behind Dharubaaruge, is opened for public access after quite some time. In recent history, Usafasgadu is marked as a notable ground during the most challenging political experience of the Maldives.

Usfasgadu was closed to construct China-Maldives Friendship Bridge during the term of President Abdulla Yameen. Usfasgadu was set-up for employees of the CCCC company of China, including their office and accommodation, who are involved in constructing the bridge.

While it has been a year since the bridge is done and opened for public, the Usfasgadu set-up for CCCC’s employees was cleared and opened for public on Sunday night.

During the political unrest that followed ending the tenure of former president Mohamed Nasheed, Usfasgadu was taken as the main ground for MDP’s political activities. In 8th February 2012, MDP commenced a political campaign in the name of “Insaafuge Dhathuru” (Journey for Justice) in Henveiru ward.

After a few months during the tenure of President Waheedh, when the national defense force cleared the place and ‘chased” MDP supporters, they continued their political activities in Usfasgadu.

During those days MDP had political rallies in Usfasgadu as well as had a crow-cage there. They captivated crows in cages to pester President Waheed.

Subsequently, during the early tenure of President Yamaan, Usfagadu was set-up for Pushcart Shops, kite-flying, skating, and other children’s sports.

While the Sina-Male’ Bridge and the Jazeera Park that the current government is developing has brought a pleasant look to the area, with the development of Usfagadu it will bring added pleasant fascia to the area.