Usfasgandu to be developed as a recreational space

Planning Ministry has revealed that 'Usfasgandu' will be developed as a recreational space.

Located near Dharubaaruge, the area is being cleaned and developed to be re-opened soon. The Ministry stated today that it will be utilized for relaxation purposes for those of all ages as a recreational space. They further stated that there were no plans to build a park on the land, and that they would re-open as soon as development is complete.

"The cleaning work is being initiated by China's CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company. We will re-open as soon as development is complete", a media official said.

This area was previously also utilized for relaxation and recreation in the evening. Several people visited the area to relax, play, fly-kites, and other such activities. 'Gaadiya' (Pushcart shops) businesses in the area were also renowned among the youth.

Upon conclusion of the Bridge, and a year since it was officially opened, places established in the location were destroyed. Houses, offices, restaurants, and fences set-up for bridge construction employees were eradicated and Usfasgandu was re-opened.