59 percent ineligibility among previous gov't's flat recipients

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has said that a staggering 59 percent of the 4,000 recipients under the previous government's housing scheme are ineligible for the flats.

More than 7,400 complaints were submitted after the Planning Ministry publicized the list of eligible recipients during the previous government. In response, the ACC ordered a halt to the allocation until the complaints were thoroughly addressed and resolved. Although the Planning Ministry attempted to proceed with the flat allocation after addressing the complaints, the ACC intervened in November last year, halting the handover during a lottery ceremony conducted by the previous government.

At a Monday press conference on the flats issue, the ACC said their investigation found that of 4,048 application forms, 59.6 percent of the applications -- about 2,400 applications -- did not meet the eligibility criteria.

Furthermore, even among those meeting the requirements, 19.7 percent of the forms presented issues and discrepancies, including conflicting information and the improper awarding of points in the special needs section. According to the ACC, only 20.7 percent of the forms are eligible.

The ACC has now given the green light to hand over the flats.