Over 7,400 complaints lodged regarding Gedhoruveriyaa flat list

Over 7,400 complaints have been submitted by the public regarding the list of 4,000 flats to be allocated under the government's Gedhoruveriyaa scheme.

Following the public release of the list last Sunday, a surge of complaints ensued, raising concerns about the alleged violation of grading policies and other issues. When the deadline for submitting complaints expired at 11:59 pm on Thursday, a total of 7,421 complaints were received, according to a Planning Ministry official.

The construction of the 4,000 flats is overseen by the Fahi Dhirirulhun Corporation (FDC) under the Gedhoruveriyaa Scheme. The completion of six towers is currently in progress as two separate projects managed by India's NBCC and JMC Projects, each responsible for building 2,000 flats.

FDC is developing two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments under the project. This includes 1,200 two-bedroom apartments of 650 sqft and 2,800 three-bedroom apartments of 900 sqft.