Temporarily ceased renewing IDs needing information change

The Department of National Registration (DNR) has decided to temporarily cease renewing identity cards (ID cards) that need an amendment of the personal information, next week Thursday onward.

Sometime back, Election Commission (EC) had requested those who wish to change their permanent address for the local council election, to renew ID cards by next week Wednesday.

As per the announcement published by DNR on Wednesday, since they have to send a list of the eligible voters to the EC, those who have to renew their ID cards due to becoming over 18, have to submit the forms to DNR by next week Wednesday.

In the DNR announcement, it was mentioned that they will cease issuing ID cards temporality for those who have to renew their cards becoming over 18. The announcement further revealed that the issuing of ID cards for those who have to renew ID cards needing amendment of the personal information will be resumed after the local council election.

To prevent the issue of not being able to vote if the information on the eligible voters list not matching with the ID card, it had been ceased renewing ID cards in time for election even previously.

In the upcoming local council election 980 councilors will be elected while 929 will be elected for the Women’s Development Committees. This is the first time such a large number of councilors being elected.