Young Maldivian faces featured in 'Vogue'

America's renowned fashion and lifestyle magazine 'Vogue' has featured young Maldivian faces in their Arab edition 'Vogue Arabia'.

Published in January, their article 'Faces of the Maldives' highlighted the stories of the country's youth from various sectors of occupation. After interviewing people of different areas, the articles focused on their experiences and accomplishments, as well as how they are proceeding in their work.

As such, Diving Instructor Shaziya Saeed, Musician Mohamed Shiuz, and Photographer Aishath Naj all relayed accounts on their beginnings, work, and experiences.

The celebrated Chef Fatheen of Oishi restaurant, Aishath Shamla - the fashion designer who took her designs to international platforms, and Iroo Zareer - the head of the 'Whale Shark Program' being initiated in ADh. Atoll was highlighted in the article.

The article also included Ahmed Riyaz and Mohamed Fayaz, who kick-started the now globally recognized 'Toddy Inc' from a small start-up. They shared the massive struggle and effort it took to take the business where it is today.

Bringing these stories to light, the magazine described the respective individuals as 'everyday heroes' of the nation. Prior to this, Maldivian model Raudha Athif was first featured on the cover of Vogue, 2016.