Dhoni captain missing: knife discovered underwater

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has revealed that a knife has been discovered in the waters surrounding the area where a cargo 'dhoni' vessel grounded on a reef, following which the vessel's captain Mohamed Yusuf went missing.

The incident occurred on the reef of K. Kagi on January 6, and the events surrounding the incident are questionable.

Chief Spokesperson of MNDF, Major Ibrahim Azim on Thursday revealed that a towel and a knife was recovered from the reef near where the vessel grounded.

While the knife was located 41 meters below the surface, the towel was found 48 meters under water. The knife was wrapped in a black trash bag when it was found.

Azim did not reveal how the objects found in the reef is linked to the missing captain.

Revealing that the items have been handed over to the police for further analysing, more information on the matter can be disclosed only after the police investigation is concluded, said Azim.

It has been reported that traces of blood was discovered on the towel recovered from the reef. When asked regarding the discovery, Major Azim said a comment can be made on the discovery only after the police investigation.

While the reason why the vessel grounded on the reef is unknown, three people were aboard the vessel 'TTS Faana' at the time of the incident, including Captain Mohamed Yusuf. The two other crew members are Bangladeshi expatriates.

The two crew members first reported to the police that the captain had gone missing, and had not informed that the vessel ran aground. It became known that the vessel had grounded only after the police arrived at the location.

While it was initially speculated that the captain had gone missing before the boat grounded on the reef, another vessel had arrived on the scene to aid the vessel in distress. Pictures of the scene show three people on the vessel at that time.

The speedboat that assisted the boat left the location after they were informed that the police were on their way. They were not in need of any assistance from the speedboat, the crew had said.

MNDF coast guards are continuing their search for Mohamed Yusuf via sea and air. No signs of the missing man has been found thus far, said MNDF.