Hiding the truth of prison conditions: Opposition

The opposition PPM/PNC coalition on Friday said that the government and Maldives Correctional Services is hiding the truth regarding the recent conflict that happened in the prisons and the current condition of jails.

The opposition said in a statement issued on Friday that there were contradictions in the information provided by the Commissioner of Prisons Abdulla Munaz in the news conference held Thursday. It further said that Munaz’s actions are depreciatory.

The situation of prisons got worse and deteriorated without being able to manage the place and that it has got disorganized and disorientated. The President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has not uttered a word regarding the issue and it is distressing, said the opposition. They further said the Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla and Commissioner of Prison Abdulla Munaz should resign.

The opposition coalition said that the contradictory statements by the government authorities reveal that they are trying to disguise the truth.

“This is something a government that came to power with a noble intention will not do and such behaviours by a government that campaigned in the name fight against oppression using various slogans show that there is no integrity of the current government and this is torture,” said the opposition.

The opposition coalition has raised concern over the former President Abdulla Yameen who is imprisoned for five years. The opposition called the government to ensure the fundamental rights of Yameen and other prisoners are are taken care of.

Whereas there are contradictions in the information provided by the Corrections, Maldives Police Services, Inspector of Correction Service and the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has repudiated the information provided by the Corrections.