Fathuhulla Saeed: Maldivians' facial doctor

A name is added to the list of doctors in the Maldives. That is Dr Fathuhulla Saeed who commenced working in the government hospital IGMH.

Fathuhulla is specialized in facial surgery known as Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is the first Maldivian who specialized in this field. He will be the one to provide such services in IGMH then on.

Fathuhulla's service can be fully obtained in surgery of the face, mouth, and jaws. There were two foreign specialists in this speciality in the Maldives previously.

It has been years since Fathuhulla joined the medical field. After graduating from Russia he worked in R. Ugoofaaru and Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi after which he joined IGMH and worked there for 4 years before going overseas in 2016. He returned with a speciality in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Previously he specialized in dentistry. In dentistry’s various specializations, he liked the surgical area the most. Now is he has achieved the highest heights of the field and is at the service of the Maldivians.

“I had the interest in surgery so after working for 4 years I went to specialize in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with experience. I joined IGMH in late 2019 with the specialization”, said fathuhulla.

The most facial surgery cases in the Maldives are trauma cases. There were concerns and anxiety when there were no such doctors in the Maldives when a patient suffers severe facial injuries due to accidents. When advised to go abroad it is not easy for each and every person.

“While I was working as a dentist earlier, there were cases which had to be referred to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. I had difficulties since there was no surgeon to work with me. There were some minor cases even which had to be referred to surgeons. It will make life easier having a surgeon in this field, as such cases are on the rise in the Maldives”, said Fathuhulla.

Fathuhulla is willing to provide his service to the maximum of his ability using the available facilities.

“My aim is to provide convenient and fast treatment for the patients. I wish to assure the patients that come to IGMH to obtain such services, that I will provide the service to the maximum of my capacity with the available resources”, Fathuhulla.