Airport ferry-stop is relocated near taxi-stand

The airport ferry-stop is now relocated near the taxi-queue area of the airport’.

The Manager of Maldives Airport Company Limited Hassan Areef said that with this change it will be easier for the passengers that travel to and fro the airport.

“Previously the ferry departs from the jetty near Water Front restaurant. Now the ferry-stop is moved near taxi-stand”, said Hassan.
While the ferry-stop is now moved near the taxi-stand area, the area is even now congested. The tourists as well the public face difficulties due to that.

Despite that, the MACL said when the ferry-stop is moved to the taxi-stand area, it will ease crowding of the area.

“what happens previously is that the delays cause queues however, now the passengers are given a choice to go by ferry without waiting”, said Hassan.

Special area for speedboats
Areef said that with the change, Water Front will be cleared off so that it has been decided to designate the area for speedboats.

“The changes are made for the convenience of the passengers. We request the speedboats that come from resorts with tourists and other speedboats to stop near Water Front” said Hassan.