Mariya commends Customs for their honest, dedicated service

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has stated that the Customs employees cannot be accused of corruption and that there had been no complaints of that sort.

Speaking at a ceremony held to mark World Customs Day on Sunday, Mariya said that the government has a "zero tolerance" policy regarding corruption, and that individuals are welcome to present their complaints if they regarded an employee to have been complicit to such.

"I am genuinely happy that I have not received any complaints in this regard [corruption]. I spend a lot of time with people. I still have the same contact number and have not received any complaints against Customs. As such, I thank all of you for your honest and dedicated service to this nation," said Mariya.

The Minister further stated that it is vital that services are given according to the set standards.

"We have nationally experienced the consequences of the non-compliance to these standards. While government offices are operated with the money accumulated through income tax, we have to carry ourselves in a way that garners their love and trust", she said.