Aasandha insurance for treatment of mental illnesses

The state-owned insurance company Aasandha has stated on Thursday, from next month onward Aasandha insurance will be covered for some treatments of mental illnesses.

In a statement issued Thursday, the company has stated that in line with the pledge of the president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, some treatments of mental health diseases provided by the private health care providers and clinics will be covered under the Asandha scheme.

The statement stated that Psychologist Consultation, Psychologic Assessment and Psychological Therapy would be covered in the scheme. It is further stated that a maximum of MVR 5000 will be covered per indivudual annually for such services provided by private hospitals and clinics.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s 100-day action plan has an establishment of a clinic for the treatment of mental health illnesses and covering Asandha scheme for such illnesses. Correspondingly, a centre for mental illness diseases is set-up in the state-run Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH). The centre is providing services to in-patients as well as out-patients, diagnosing and providing treatment with medications in addition to providing therapy by counselling. Besides the centre has been conducting mental health awareness programmes for Maldivians.