Foreign Ministry discourages Maldivians from travelling to Kerala

The Foreign Ministry of Maldives has urged Maldivian citizens not to travel to Kerala, India due to the fast spreading Coronavirus pandemic.

Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said three confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection have been recorded in Kerala state, and that the 'State of Calamity' has been announced in the Indian city. Therefore, all Maldivians are requested not to travel to Kerala until the situation is under control, said the ministry.

"We request all Maldivians in all states of India, especially Kerala, and all visiting the country to register themselves at the ministry, at the Maldivian High Commission or at the Maldivian Consulate General in Trivanthapuram," the ministry urged.

The ministry further asked all Maldivans in India to stay vigilant and act according to the instructions given by Indian authorities.