EC grants permit to form new political party

The Elections Commision (EC) has granted permission to form a new political party under the name 'Aanmu Rayyithunge Party'.

The permit was issued to Ahmed Saeed from S. Hithadhoo.

After a permit is issued to form a new political party, 3000 signatures from new members must be gathered by the party within three months. After EC verifies the required number of membership forms, the party will be granted permission to hold their inaugural congress. If the inaugural congress is carried out according to the regulations, the party will be formally registered as a political party.

Currently, 10 political parties are registered in the Maldives. They are Maldivian Democratic Party, Progressive Party of Maldives, Jumhooree Party, Maldives Development Alliance, Adhaalath Party, Peoples' National Congress, Maldives Third way Democrats, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party, Maldives Labour and Social Democratic Party and Maldives Reform Movement.