Expatriate sexually assaults disabled person

A case of an expatriate sexually assaulting a disabled person has been reported to the police.

The case was reported on Wednesday from the region of the Northern Police Central Division. However, it is not known if the offender has been arrested.

Recently, the reporting of sexual assault cases are on the rise. There has been heavy criticism from the public accusing that the government has neglected to take actions against such criminals. Subsequently, the Gender Minister Shidhaha Shareef resigned, and a new Gender Minister is appointed, due to the pressure that emerged over the case of sexual abuse of a toddler and the case of the former disability ambassador who assaulted a disabled person under his guardianship.

Moreover, some concerned individuals have formed an NGO to advocate for the rights of children who have been victims of sexual assault cases. The NGO submitted a petition to the parliament calling to take swift actions against such perpetrators.