Civil Service Commission requests an opportunity to respond parliament committee

Civil Service Commission (CSC) has requested an opportunity to respond to the parliament committee regarding the concerns raised by the ministers stating that the commission is slow, and due to that, it hinders the work of the ministries.

The parliament committee related to independent institutions has decided to dismiss the commission’s president and four of the five members before the commission’s request to provide an opportunity to give an account of the issues related to the allegations.

A statement issued by the CSC on Thursday states that:

- the commission wishes to explain the concerns raised by some ministers in the meeting of the independent institutions’ committee on the 10 February. Subsequently, they have sent a letter to the speaker of the parliament requesting an opportunity to respond to the independent institutions' committee.

- to understand the ministers' concerns and discuss possible solutions regarding those concerns, that they have requested a meeting with the concerned ministers as well.

- they have been catering to the needs of 22,558 civil servants and over 712 organizations of CSC, within the rules and regulations, including hiring, firing, transferring from one institution to the other, giving promotions, providing trainings, as well as investigating employee concerns and disputes. While the commission is carrying out those responsibilities as mandated, the issues raised in the parliament committee are concerning for the commission and that the commission has been providing its full cooperation to all the ministries and institutions.

On 10 February, cabinet ministers were called for a meeting with the parliamentary committee to discussing issues pending with the CSC, and almost all the ministers stated due to the slow speed of CSC, there is a delay in fulfilling the government's pledges and alleged some members of CSC having political motives.