Committee approves to investigate activities of MITDC

The parliament on Monday passed a motion calling on authorities and the current management of Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC) to investigate the activities carried out by the corporation during the former administration.

After main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) attained parliament supermajority, a committee was established to oversee state-owned enterprises. The management of MITDC was summoned to the committee by the 19th Parliament.

At the committee, MITDC spoke on the challenges faced by the corporation in carrying out its legal responsibilities. A report prepared on the issue by MITDC was sent to the committee. After reviewing the report, the parliament committee compiled their own report which was approved by the parliament with 64 votes on Monday. No members voted against the report.

In their report, the committee concluded to recommend the parliament to instruct the current management of MITDC to investigate the actions carried out by the corporation during the previous government.

The committee also expects a detailed report on measures taken to turn MITDC into a profitable company, and the estimated profit that may be generated in the future to be forwarded to the committee by the parliament six months from now.

The current director of MITDC Mohamed Raaid had made serious allegations against the previous management of MITDC when summoned to the SOE committee.

Speaking at the SOE committee, Raaid had revealed that MVR 1.9 million from the company's funds were used to establish an office of then-ruling party Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM). When land was leased from L. Bareshoo, some of the senior officials were recipients of the land, he added.

With the revelation, MDP's deputy parliamentary group leader and Henveiru Dhekunu MP Hussain 'Andhun' Shaheem who sits on the committee called to dissolve the corporation. However, the committee concluded not to dissolve the company, and to allow the company another opportunity to operate.