Ex-Vice President, Dr Jameel resigns from Jumhooree Party

The former Vice President, Dr Mohamed Jameel has resigned from Jumhooree Party (JP) on Sunday. He was serving as the Political Advisor to Leader of JP, MP Qasim Ibrahim. Jameel served as the VP of the Maldives in the reign of former president Yameen Abdul Qayoom who was later dismissed by the parliament over some conflicts he had with the then administration. Subsequently, the jailed VP Adheeb was appointed as the VP.

Speaking to AVAS Dr Jameel said that his views were different from that of the party’s and that there was less room for him to proceed in the party according to his political views.

“Right now I feel that it will be better to leave JP, thus made that, decision,” said Jameel

While Jameel has left JP he has been leading the legal team of the jailed former president Yameen Abdul Qayyoom. Prior to Yameen's imprisonment for a money laundering case, Jameel accompanied him on some trips to the atolls.

Consequently, some council members of JP had called on to dismiss Jameel from JP and to take actions against him at that time. However, Qasim did not comment on the matter then.

Recently, Qasim’s previous political advisor and former Defense Minister MP Mohamed Nazim also had resigned from the post.